Veterans Canine Intelligence Academy
Non-profit 501(C)(3) Organization
Veterans Canine Intelligence Academy is an non profit 501(C)(3) organization dedicated to assisting Southern California veterans with disabilities and their families free of charge with the following:
  • ​​Training their own dog as a service dog to assist them with their disability  enabling them to live a better life. 
  • Locating a dog for them to train as a service dog.
  • Veteran Administration benefit issue.
  • Through association with Veterans Legal Institute of Orange County assist in Landlord - Tenant or employment issues associated with service dog.
  • Connect them with a source of free household items they may require.

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 Videos of Disabled Veterans and their dogs in our weekly service dog training classes for veterans in Irvine, CA

Video Below
 Andy McTigue; President Explaining our Mission and Program
Service Dog Training Information
Veterans Canine Intelligence Academy is an non profit 501(C)(3) organization of professional dog trainers located in Irvine, California, dedicated to the training of disabled military veterans and their dog to become a team for the purpose assisting the veteran with their disability.

Dog Training is essential to building the foundation for a lifelong bond between handler and their dog and ensuring a happy and healthy relationship between a dog and its handler.
Disabled veterans partnered with a service dog develop greater self-esteem, responsibility, confidence and acceptance in social situations because a dog makes it easy for people to relate to that person instead of the disability.
Veterans Canine Intelligence Academy is proud to provide weekly ongoing service dog training at no cost to US disabled military veterans in the Southern California area.  Veterans will build a strong relationship with their own dog partner using positive reinforcement training techniques. At these weekly service dog training sessions Veterans Canine Intelligence Academy training staff will work with disabled veterans and their dog to provided specialized training that include, but is not limited to:
  • Obedience Training for service dogs
  • Public Transportation Training ( Buses, Trains, and Taxi) 
  • AKC - Canine Good Citizen Training and testing
  • Public Access Training and Testing (around traffic, public buildings, restaurants, mechanical doors, closed and open stairs, elevators, etc) 
  • Specific Alert Tasks Training (varies by veterans needs)
  • Training on ADA laws pertaining to Service Dogs 
  • Training for family or other household members on appropriate interactions with the service dog 
  •  How to be prepared for Access Challenges
Join Veterans Canine Intelligence Academy dog trainer Andy, along with other training staff and fellow Disabled Military Veteran, at Cypress Community Park in Irvine, CA, every Thursday @ 10:00am and Sunday @ 10:00am.

       Cypress Community Park in Irvine
       255 Visions, Irvine, CA.
       Located off Jeffrey and Roosevelt, just north of the 5 freeway at the Jeffrey exit

Service dog training also availablef at the Long Beach VA Hospital on Saturdays at 10:00am. Class meets in front of Building 150 (Spinal Cord Center).

        Veterans Affairs Medical Center Long Beach
        5901 E. 7th St
        Long Beach, CA 90822


For additional information contact Andy @ (949) 293-3243  
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